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Custom Wedding Websites

Custom Wedding Websites

WebTavis Custom Wedding Websites

Welcome your guests in style, no ads

Your wedding is all about you. Most website building services will require a monthly fee to remove their branding from your page. We will build you an ad free page for a one time payment of $75, no monthly cost! One payment and then your website will stay up for as long as you want.

No Monthly Cost - Up as long as you want

You pay $75 upfront and then you never pay another cent! Your site will be online, fully functional and with the option to customize however you’d like, all with no ads. Your website will stay on the internet as long as you want it to.

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How It Works

Set an appointment using the calendar on our Free Consultation Page.

We will contact you at the time that you reserved using our calendar and when we do there will be a few key questions. That we will need to answer:

What domain do you want for your website? (this is the website address)

What information do you want to collect on your RSVP form?

Are there any other features that you want or need on your wedding website? 

We will create your wedding page with placeholder text and images and put it live on the correct domain. Then we turn over the editing panel to you and you add all the information and images that your guests will need. That’s it! The website is all yours and you can keep it online for as long as you want without paying us another cent. Congratulations on your special day!

Questions or Place Order

Ready to get started on your website? Any further questions about our product or pricing? Get in contact with us and we will be happy to help out!

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